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Home Theatre Set Up SydneyYou are probably already aware of the fact that having a home theatre set up in your home in Sydney requires you to do some prior planning and taking a few key things into consideration first. Here we'll discuss what you should be looking out for and whether it's worth installing your Home Theatre system yourself or getting a professional to do it for you.

Before you invest in your home theatre system

Before buying any equipment for your home theatre set up, check the digital output on the back of your DVD player so you can see what sort of cables and connection you need. Check the “optical” and “coaxial” outputs and decide whether you want to route your video cables through the A/V receiver and or directly to the television display.

Getting Started - Comparison shopping can lead to frustration fast

If you decide you do want to go ahead with home theatre set up, set a budget for yourself first and foremost. Once you know the basic equipment you need, it is all a matter of you figuring out just how much money you want to spend. Many people we speak to attempt to do some comparison shopping between different stores before deciding where to buy in an effort to get the best deal.

The reality is many sales people you talk to can be somewhat biased based on the commission the company might be running on certain home theatre set ups that month. This process can often be extremely frustrating and time consuming and often it's best to talk to a professional who can give you unbiased advice for your personal situation. If you are based in Sydney we can certainly assist in providing advice for your next home theatre system and installation.

Some factors to keep in mind with your home theatre setup

When you are considering different home theatre systems, consider a few important factors before making your decision. Do a simple visual test to ensure the video is bright enough and offers good contrast. To do this, you simply focus your view on any white area on the screen while a television show or movie is playing and if you are not able to see detail in the white there is too much brightness or contrast.

Your sub woofers and speakers - Where should you put them?

Consider the placement of the sub woofers in your home theatre set up, so make sure you do not just leave the sub woofers in any random place. Placement depends on the dimension and setup of the room, so you may need to try it out in a few different areas to decide where the best place is to keep it. Do not have the sub woofers turned up all the way when you go to test the system; if the volume is up too high this can actually blow the speakers and ruin them. Blowing your home theatre speakers is a very costly mistake that many people have made shortly after installing their home theatre system. The center-channel speaker should always be the one nearest to the centre of the room, and then you simply balance the additional speakers appropriately around the room.

The team at AntennaForTV.com.au can greatly help improve the results from your home theatre set up and will certainly help you enjoy it more if you love watching television and movies. Whether you do all the work yourself or you have a professional company help you choose and install your home theatre system, it is the perfect way to enhance your home entertainment system to your liking.

Never rush through the process, because if you want the best home theatre system and home theatre set up, it is all about the details and how it is set up. Even just a few hours of planning ahead of time can help save you a lot of time and trouble down the road, so it is really well worth it. Even if you do decide to hire professionals in Sydney to help, you can save by getting some of the work out of the way ahead of time and you'll have your home theatre set up looking fantastic.

If you are based in Sydney and would like an obligation free quote about purchasing a home theatre system or setting up your home theatre system then give us a call on the number below and we'll be in touch shortly.

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