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Save Hundreds Of Dollars Today & Prepare For The Analogue Phase Out With Antenna Installation Sydney

Antenna Installation SydneyYou are probably already aware of the fact that in July of 2010, the Australian Government started switching free-to-air television from analogue to digital signals.  Some analogue broadcasts have been dropped and the government has announced that all analogue broadcasts in the Australia will be dropped effective the end of 2013. 

If your home is not prepared for the permanent switch to digital TV it is time to make the switch by paying for professional antenna installation Sydney.  Because the switch over is being done region-by-region, you should start pricing TV antenna installation in advance before the region of Sydney is hit.  If you are not prepared for the switch to digital TV, you will need to invest in a new TV model and TV antenna installation.  Know what to look for in a TV and an antenna installer Sydney and catch up with advances in TV technologies.

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Is it mandatory to purchase a new TV in order to get digital?

Not all TV sets are equipped for digital television. If you have an older model TV in Chatswood or Mosman, it may only be compatible with analogue signals. One way to determine whether your TV is digital-ready or not is to see if the new digital channel GO! works on your TV set.  If it does, your TV is probably digital-ready and you may not require a new antenna installation.  If you do not have the money to invest in a new digital television set, you can purchase a digital set top box or a digital video recorder and keep your existing TV.  Price the cost of new and used digital TVs and see if investing in a digital-ready model falls into your budget. We can assist you with purchasing both new digital ready TV's and set top boxes and all come with a trusted manufacturer's warranty.

Antenna Installation Sydney

Once you invest in a digital-ready TV or a box, you will need to have a digital TV antenna installed.  Homeowners running off of analogue signals will have to upgrade their antennas if they want to receive any or all of the digital TV channels.  If you do not invest in antenna installation Sydney before analogue channels are dropped you may not be able to view any of your favorite programs.

The reality is there are so many additional digital channels here in Australia now with the majority being in High Definition. The picture quality is considerably better and you'll be able to enjoy your favourite TV programs even more. If you combine your new digital TV Antenna with a High Definition TV you will truly experience the most vibrant colours available on Television today.

How to Choose the Right Antenna Installation Sydney

When you choose a professional antenna installer in Sydney, experience is the key.  Our professional team of contractors have a wealth of experience in antenna installation and repair and know the ins and outs of switching from analogue antennas to digital antennas.  Antenna For TV guarantee's all of our work with a warranty on both parts and service.  You'll find this gives you peace of mind and the assurance that we are going to do the job right the first time.

Enjoy crystal clear images today

Digital TV channels offer better picture and sound quality.  If you are looking for more HDTV channels and clearer broadcasts contact Antenna For TV in Sydney today and have your antenna installation in Sydney done right the 1st time. There is no doubt that if you wait until 2013 you will have to pay higher installation costs and wait days or weeks to have your new antenna installion completed.  Catch up with digital technologies and have a new digital antenna installed immediately.  Once your antenna installation is complete you will wonder why you waited so long to experience new and improve cable.

If you are based in Sydney and would like to get a free quote for your TV Antenna Installations or repairs then don't hesitate to contact us via the number below or fill out the form on our Free Quotes page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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