Choosing The Right Sydney Antenna For your Digital Television Viewing

Discover How Important It Is To Have The Right Antenna For Your Home For Crisp, Clear Freeview Reception

Sydney Antenna Digital TVThe digital television transformation began in Australia in 2001.  By the end of 2013, analogue television will no longer be broadcast in Australia.  Instead, everything will be broadcast in digital signals. If you live in and around the Sydney area and in an older home, your digital TV antenna may have deteriorated to the point that you will need to replace it for the best television signals possible and to ensure the wide range of free to air stations come through crisp and clear.

Problems with your digital or analogue TV reception?

Most television viewers using an antenna in Sydney for their television reception will find that the digital conversion actually increases the quality of the picture.  When using analogue broadcasting, homes located some distance from the transmission tower often had pictures that were fuzzy or snowy.  Digital broadcasts solve this problem.  In general, if a home can receive a digital signal, the picture is going to be good.  If there is a problem, the picture might digitize or the set might display a "no signal" message.  If this continues to be a problem, it may be time to install a new digital TV antenna in your Sydney home.

Discover what Freeview has to offer in the new digital TV era

The new system of broadcasting free digital television in Australia is called Freeview.  As the various broadcasting networks are making the digital transition, they begin broadcasting through Freeview.  There are currently five networks broadcasting through the company with another ten to join by the time the conversion is complete.  Once they have made the transition, persons who formerly used an antenna in Sydney to receive analogue television will no longer be able to receive the analogue networks.  Instead, the individual home will need to use their Sydney antennas to pickup Freeview broadcasts.

Do you need to purchase a set top box for better quality reception?

Antenna Sydney TVWhile most homes that are not receiving satellite or other subscription television services will notice a visible improvement with the change, there may be some homes that purchase the needed converter box or television that is ready for the change that experience difficulty with the new system.  In these cases you may be best to get in touch with a TV antenna installation professional in your local Sydney area to trouble shoot the exact problem. It will be a simple process for them to evaluate the current antenna system and make recommendations for the needed upgrades to the system to improve the reception to an acceptable level.

If your current digital TV antenna right to receive the digital transmission?

It could be that the current antenna in Sydney is fine for the digital transmission, but that there is a need to install new updated and better quality wiring.  The problem could also be that the older antenna is no longer able to sufficiently receive the new signals and should be replaced with a newer unit specifically designed for digital reception.

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