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Antenna Installation Quote SydneyYou are no doubt already aware that here in Australia, like much of the rest of the world, is in the midst of conversion of television signals broadcast over the air from analogue signals to digital signals. 

People living in Sydney will need to make some necessary changes, or at the very least get an antenna installation quote in order to get the most out of this conversion and ensure a smooth transition for the new digital era.  While there are some advantages, it is important to have the right antenna installed at your house in order for the smoothest transition and an antenna installation quote will provide you with all the information you require to make an informed decision.

Time for a digital antenna installation quote

While the manufacturers of televisions have been preparing for this change for several years, homes that only have older televisions may require a converter box to view the full range of new digital and high definition channels after the change.  With either the newer digital television or an older set connected to the converter box (often referred to as a set top box), older antennas may not be adequate to receive the digital pictures.  In some instances, the sets may only receive a limited number of stations and in others, they may receive none at all.  If this is the case, it is time to call for a digital antenna installation quote.

Multiple signals with many languages catered for

One advantage that may benefit many Australian residents is that the newer system allows each station to broadcast multiple signals. Some of the ABC stations are taking advantage of the option to broadcast signals with language options other than English.  Residents for whom English is a second language may be able to watch broadcast television in their own native language. The option is also an excellent tool for students attempting to learn a new language.

With older analog signals, many households were able to receive television using an indoor antenna.  While it is still possible to buy indoor digital antennas, they only work in homes that are very close to the broadcast antenna.  Most homes will need to install an outdoor antenna. In addition, it is not recommended that homeowners install an antenna designed for outdoor use in the attic.  Such installation cuts signal strength greatly.

Free to air stations have plenty of options for the whole family

A second option other than installing a new antenna is to have cable television installed. Many residents will find that the monthly cost of cable television quickly adds up to far more than would have been paid for the antenna installation. With the full range of free to air television stations at your finger tips, the whole family will have more than they require when it comes to fun and interesting TV stations.

At the end of the transition, analog signals will stop being broadcast. People that have not prepared for the change will no longer receive television signals on analogue sets without a converter box or set top box. In addition, even with the converter box, the signal strength may not be sufficient using older antennas designed for analogue sets. Now is the best time to receive an antenna installation quote.

It is always a good idea to get an estimate of your TV Antenna installation quote before work begins so don't hesitate to give us a call today on for a free quote. We service the whole Sydney area with a number of vans and a team of professionals on the road to service your needs. We hope you enjoy fantastic TV reception like we do.

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